15.000 m² Urban Farming 

The buildings of GoWest have 5 to 6 floors and on their roofs Germany’s largest rooftop garden is being realized with approximately 15,000 m². Fresh fruit, vegetables, and even our own honey will be delivered directly to the tables of the quarter’s users.

To provide the largest possible area for use by horticulture and commercial tenants, major parts of the photovoltaics will be elevated. This creates space for professional farming and at the same time provides shade for plants and people.  

Bees were already established on the project site in the spring of 2018. Surrounded by the Schmargendorf allotments, they’ve settled here with ease. Last year, our beekeepers spun 190 kg of the finest neighborhood honey in organic quality.

In GoWest, we are planning an energetically optimized quarter through the use of both passive and active measures:

Combined use of photovoltaics and urban farming on the roof

Energy concept

System for recooling on the roof

Passive measures:

  • Orientation of the buildings in an east-west direction
  • Concrete activation: use of the building structure as a heat and cold reservoir
  • Good AV ratio of outer shell to building volume
  • Optimal window/wall ratio
  • Three-dimensional facade design for self-shading
  • Structural sun protection
  • Night cooling via window flaps

Active measures:

  • Use of excess heat from the data center (2.5 MW)
  • Use of rainwater for humidification of cooling systems
  • Batteries as emergency power and for e-car supply
  • Photovoltaic systems on the roof

Excellent from the beginning

The German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) has already awarded the GoWest Commercial Yards the DGNB pre-certificate for districs in 2019. With the overall degree of fulfillment of 81.6% ( see DGNB flower), the highest award level of platinum was achieved. The DGNB full certificate, which can be awarded once the quarter is largely completed, is currently being prepared. These DGNB awards ensure a holistic sustainability approach for the project.

In addition to the district certification, we are also striving for the DGNB building certificates. A total of 37 criteria are taken into account with the following topics: Ecology, Economy, Socio-cultural and Functional Aspects, Technology, Processes and Location.

ECARF certification: As one of the first quarters in Germany, we will get GoWest certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) and the Allergy Friendly Buildings Alliance (AFBA). The certificate includes a scientific-medical evaluation not only of all building materials used, but also the vegetation in the neighborhood must meet the many criteria. 

It is important to us that the occupants of GoWest enjoy a healthy, allergy-friendly working environment both indoors and outdoors at the new business location. For the planning and corresponding preparations, the GoWest Commercial Yards were awarded the pre-certificate at the Expo Real in Munich as early as 2021.